New web series loves and hates Flushing

Swallow Tail Studios debuted its new web series, Murray Hill, late last week on the company’s YouTube Channel, and in just four days the first episode has garnered over 2,000 views.

The series was inspired by Swallow Tail Creative Director Julian Kim’s love-hate relationship with Flushing, which is readily apparent from the dialogue in the premiere episode.

In the opening scene, we follow a young male as he runs through the streets of Flushing to catch the LIRR, only to arrive just as his train is leaving the station. As he stands there overlooking the platform, a girl runs past him to the edge of the platform and, seeing him there, begins to chat him up. Over the course of the short episode, the two realize that they’re familiar with each other, but it’s obvious that the male character was too shy to approach the girl previously.

While the episode is less than seven and a half minutes long, it spans the hour that elapses as the pair waits for the next train together. Without giving away the farm, we can tell you that the two begin to develop a connection that leaves the viewer ready to watch a second episode. This blog, for one, is looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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