Cosmetic Botox Is Not Just For Wrinkles!  

What is Cosmetic Botox?

Cosmetic botox is a treatment that blocks nerve signals from the brain to facial muscles, so people will have smoother faces and fewer wrinkles post treatment.

Botulinum toxin injections can be used to temporarily smooth lines on multiple parts of the body, it also can be used to treat medical conditions such as chronic migraines, chronic muscle spasms or even acne. Botulinum toxin injections also cause temporary paralysis of targeted muscles without causing any complications or long-term side effects like permanent paralysis or death.

5 Surprising uses for Botox 

Botox is generally safe and has been used since it received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 1989, here are 5 surprising uses of botox to treat medical conditions that we bet you didn’t know about!

Chronic migraines 

Different medical studies have shown that botox works for migraine headaches because it blocks chemicals called neurotransmitters that travel between cells carrying pain signals from your brain. Botox is like a natural painkiller. When you inject botox at a med spa, you don’t get the same amount of pain signals from your brain to your forehead, which is where migraines tend to originate. This also blocks the pain signals from reaching your eyes.


Blepharospasm is a condition in which people close their eyes involuntarily or blink excessively, particularly in social situations. Botox targets the nerves and muscles reducing the blinking.


Botox is used to treat excessive sweating by blocking the nerves that activate the sweat glands in your armpits and palms. It helps reduce the amount of sweat in those areas. The treatment is a permanent solution for people who suffer from excessive sweating.


Botox has also proven to be an effective treatment for other types of muscle spasms. In some cases, it can reduce painful muscle spasms that are caused by conditions like cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis.


Botox has been proven to work in kids and adults with crossed eyes conditions relaxing the eye muscle correcting it temporarily. Usually, one eye turns inward and the other outward when people blink. Some people have a specific medical condition that causes their eyelids to wrinkle into an abnormal position that prevents the eyes from moving in unison. This is known as strabismus.


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