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What’s The Difference Between Divorce And Legal Separation?

Divorce is one of the most difficult situations for everyone in the family, especially the children. When it comes to divorce and separation, there is often confusion when speaking with friends and family members about the difference between these two terms. Divorce refers to obtaining an order from the court that legally dissolves the marriage; while separation refers to ending an existing marriage without obtaining a legal order for dissolution. 

These cases in which the divorces are filed in the second year tend to be more difficult and contentious than couples who file for divorce immediately following the separation. There are many reasons why a couple may choose to separate rather than divorce, such as a desire to maintain their residence, open up a joint bank account, or maintain child custody. In short, people can choose to separate without legal dissolution of marriage (e.g. Separation Agreement, Separation Agreement forms, Separation Agreement N.E.C.), though they are still legally married and the state laws of divorce apply to them. Having a separation agreement will either give guidance when both parties are unable to compromise or end relationship separation in a more amicable manner. The option of separation is common among couples that are unable to resolve their disputes through amicable discussion.

Does the legal process work differently with domestic partnerships in New York City?

Yes. In New York City, with the recent legalization of same-sex marriage, couples that perform a legal domestic partnership have all the rights that are granted to both gay and straight couples under New York State laws. The law provides for the possibility of legal separation in a domestic partnership, but it is not necessary. In order for this to occur, one partner has to file a Petition for Legal Separation with the court.

When is a domestic partnership considered marriage? 

A domestic partnership is considered marriage in New York State if it is registered by both partners at the city or village level of government in either Queens or Albany.

Do you need a divorce lawyer in New York?

Yes. It is always recommended to hire a divorce lawyer for legal separation. This is because paperwork must be processed and filed properly at the court clerk’s office, or the couple will have to go through the process again. In addition, since there are various laws that apply to couples in New York City, it is best to have a lawyer familiar with these laws guiding you through the legal separation process.

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How To Choose The Best Local Divorce Lawyer

When you are preparing to go through a divorce it can be a very difficult and emotional time. Hopefully, it is not something you will have to ever go through more than just one time. That is why choosing the best local divorce attorney is so important. You will want to find someone who is an advocate for you and who knows how to end the process as quickly and easily as possible.

Here step by step guide to choosing the best divorce lawyer.

Figure out your options

Figuring out your options is the best place to start. There are different types of divorces in New York, like contested, uncontested, and mediation. You will want to know what options you think will be the best type of divorce to pursue. Then contact and discuss these options with your potential lawyer. Their job is to advocate for you and knowing your options from the start is a great way to see if they are offering you the best advice.

Do you need a large firm or a small firm?

This can greatly depend on your specific marriage and lifestyle. But generally speaking, going with a big out of area law firm is not the best way to go in divorces. When you work with a specialized divorce lawyer they will be more familiar with the local legal code, and what possibilities there are for your marriage.

Ask for Recommendations

Do you know anyone else that went through a divorce? First-hand recommendations are usually very accurate in the legal industry. If you do not know anyone, then you can rely on a second great option, the internet. Check out different ranking websites, and even Google. Here you can read reviews, see star ratings for different lawyers in your areas.

Know your situation

You want to make sure your divorce lawyer has the same goals and values as you.

  • Will your divorce require alimony?
  • How about child support?
  • What assets are there to divide?

These are all things that can shape the process of divorce. The end goal should be for both parties to hopefully leave feeling like they were treated fairly. If there are children involved you want to make sure the law protects the security and interest of your children as well.

As you proceed with the divorce discuss the options and plan of action with your lawyer. One of the biggest benefits is having an expert advocate on your side. The sooner the divorce is finalized, the sooner you can begin to feel at peace and move on with your life.

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