What’s The Deal With Construction Accident Injuries

With Queens and NYC starting to slowly open back up from the COVID pandemic there are more construction workers going back to work. Some sectors were labeled as essential work and never ever cut back or paused. But when construction work increases, there is another unfortunate statistic that increases as well, construction site accidents.

Construction accidents resulting in injury are one of the most common forms of workplace injury in NYC.  This makes the construction industry one of the most dangerous industries to work in.

The fear is that with rapid rehiring, and start-up of new construction sites across Queens and the 5 Boroughs, that employers, contractors, and property owners might try to take some shortcuts in safety and regulations. This has happened in the past, and it is why there are relatively strict safety regulations relating to construction sites, scaffolding, roofing, demolition, and other construction sites.

When safety shortcuts are taken, it directly affects the safety of the construction workers. If you have been injured on a construction site in Queens NY, we have a highly recommended personal injury lawyer near Flushing, Queens who specialized in construction accidents.

So what are the most common construction site accidents?

Construction site accidents can vary depending on what area of construction you are working but there are some serious accidents that stand out:


Falling on construction sites is by far the leading type of accident, it is a universal accident that can happen in almost any conditions. Some falls are heigh related, so from rooftop or scaffolding. But other falls are due to unkept construction sites with heavy equipment or tools on the ground. Even uneven ground that is not clearly marked or wet liquids that make a slippery service.

Equipment related Injuries

Accidents caused by equipment is also a leading cause of accidents. This includes heavy equipment, from tractors, cranes, excavators, and others. But also small equipment like hammers, nail guns, and drills. Proper precautions almost must be taken by the work but also by the company according to OSHA guidelines. If your construction employer neglected safety equipment that caused your accident you need to contact a local accident attorney immediately.

The accidents are no joke, especially in Queens NY. They can result in very serious injuries like

  • Broken bones
  • Amputation
  • Electrocution
  • Burns

Don’t let yourself fall victim to one of the construction injuries that are overlooked. You can easily be compensated for medical costs, disability, lost wages, pain and suffering & more.

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