What’s The Link Between Your Desk Chair and Back Pain?

We have entered a new era, where more and more people are working desk-based jobs. This is true for those of us in Queens who started working from home recently or those of us in the office. But we are spending more time sitting and working, and the sad truth is that far too many of us are sitting incorrectly, or in a poorly designed chair. This is why your lower back pain can often be directly linked to your posture when sitting in your desk chair. Chronic lower back pain can result from extended periods of poor sitting posture which leads to the necessity of visiting a local pain management specialist.

Avoid Long Periods of Sitting

It is first important to stress, that no matter what kind of desk chair you have, whether a simple one or the most expensive on the market, that you should avoid long periods of sitting. This might be very difficult for many people’s jobs, but there are many alternatives. An easy to remember the rule of thumb is to avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time.

So how can you interrupt your sitting schedule? That’s easy, there are many ways. Get up and walk to the restroom, make a cup of coffee, get some water, or simply stand up, and do some stretches. This will increase blood flow to your lower extremities, relieve pressure from the lower back, and provide all-around health support. In a consultation with any back pain doctors in NYC they will recommend this before anything else.

Proper Chair Size

Not all desk chairs are created equal, and one of the most important factors is the size of the chair. In order to have correct posture when sitting and to prevent lower back pain, you need a desk chair that fits your height and the height of your body and your desk.

In general, there is one angle that you should not forget. 90 Degrees and what should be at 90 degrees? Well for one your elbows. If your elbows are at 90 degrees that means when you type or write your hands won’t be any higher or lower than your elbows. The same goes for your knees. Your knees should not be any higher or lower than your things or hips. If either of these two angles is out of place, then no matter what chair you have you will eventually have lower back pain.

Proper Sitting Position

When you are choosing a desk chair you can look for the proper lower back support which will prevent chronic lower back pain. In the Lumbar region, there should be firm support that arches slightly with your lower back. Although this will help it will take a conscious effort of your own to align your back with the help of the hair. Your shoulder should remain upright and back, with your chin forward and not down. An easy trick is to put a tennis ball under your chin and hold it in position. So with the lumbar support, your lower back will automatically take the best and natural position when your shoulders are back and your chin is up.  Another major desk chair feature are armrests, which help your body to take a  natural and healthy position.

It is definitely worth the time and effort of finding the perfect desk chair to prevent short and long-term lower back pain.


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