3 DIY Checks To See If You Need An Air Duct Cleaning

The HVAC air ducts in your residential or commercial buildings have been pumping cool air straight through the hot summer months here in Flushing, Queens. With the summer humidity, and the cool air passing through the dark duct system is a perfect recipe to create a number of issues within the ducts, like mold, mildew, and dust buildup. Most buildings require a professional Queens air duct cleaning company to come in with the specialty equipment, and a highly trained team to service and clean the ducts every 2 years or so. This is very important for large and small jobs, especially if there is a serious build-up of debris and dust in the ducts. But there might be some situations that you can check yourself, and perform the minor ducts cleaning jobs on your own.

But first…

Why do air ducts need cleaning?

Air ducts are rarely touched or manipulated by people. This means that whatever happens inside of an air duct, will remain there, until, well… whenever a cleaner comes in to clean them. This makes them perfect nesting grounds for rodents and insects, and it’s not uncommon to find spiders, roaches, and mice in the air ducts in large buildings in Queens NY. By keeping up with regular cleanings you can prevent dust buildup, allergens, mold, and other harmful bacteria out of the ducts. When doing a DIY check is it very important to always use eye protection, gloves, and safety equipment and tools.

Check the vents

Cleaning the air vents is one very important and effective DIY task to clean the HVAC system. The vents that release air into each room often act as a filter to block dust from blowing into the room. But as the dust builds up on the vent itself, the airflow is restricted, more allergens accumulate on them, and large pieces of dust might blow out and into the room. In the safest way possible, with a ladder on a flat surface, use a vacuum to clean all the vents that you see. Although this is a superficial level of cleaning it can be very effective and is possible for most people to complete.

Check the inside the ducts for moisture

This can be an easier check for those with larger duct systems or with locations where you can see inside with little effort. With the proper safety equipment and a flashlight, you can open the vents to see inside.

Check along the sides, top, and bottom of the ducts for any build-up of moisture. Moisture leads to mold and mildew which are harmful to your health. But the moisture itself is one of the early warning signs that there are issues within the duct, and can lead to physical damage of the ducts in the long term,

Check the Air Filter

Checking the air intake filter of your HVAC system is another simple way to see if it’s time for a local professional duct cleaning company. At the intake for the main HVAC unit, you will find an air filter that requires regular cleaning and/or replacement. Many of them simply slide out to remove, and if it is made from a  durable material you can clean with a hose or you can vacuum it. If you see that it is extremely dusty, dirty, or with mildew, it might be a sign you need a more complete cleaning.


These 3 simple DIY checks were provided by one of the top-rated HVAC duct cleaning companies in Queens. If you want a free quote for a professional cleaner or have additional questions contact them today!

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