4 Tips From a Podiatrist To Improve Foot Health

One of the facts that are hard to face about many foot issues like hammertoe or bunions is that it can be avoided. Although heredity does play an issue and you can inherit your foot shape from family, Most of the time any maladies in your feet are from a series of bad habits. One of the most popular Podiatrist clinics in NYC makes recommendations daily to patients who have developed bad practices with their feet and shoes.  The first step in preventing pain in your feet and ankles is to start making corrections today.

Here is a compilation of the 5 worst things you might be doing for your feet.

Wearing old shoes

Your feet need to be treated correctly if you want to maintain healthy feet. It can feel easy to make excuses for wearing old shoes, like an attachment to them, or you can’t find new shoes, but all that is happening is a deterioration of your foot health. Old shoes, no matter how good they were at one time, often don’t provide the proper support anymore. Your foot arch, heel, and toes all need support if you are walking any amount throughout the day. Simple tasks, like walking up steps, or on hard surfaces can cause multiple issues in your feet with old shoes.

Not wearing socks

Socks play a very important role in your foot health. The first is that they absorb sweat which reduces the chances of bacteria growth, like athletes’ feet, or fungus under the toenails. But also socks provide a protective cushion lawyer around your whole foot, like the side of your toe, and at the contact points on either side of your arch. If you go long periods without wearing socks you can quickly develop calluses which shift the position of your foot,

Wearing shoes without support

Although this affects men and women, there are slightly more women who have issues with supportless shoes. Many of the stylish flats that women wear, both for casual and formal dress, provide little to no support. Men as well have slip-on shoes that do virtually nothing to support the health of your feet. Sandals are one example where they are so easy to wear, inexpensive, and popular in the summer months, but when any serious walking is going to take place, they should be avoided. Local podiatrists often can make customized inserts or soles that fit into shoes that might be able to help with adding support that was missing.

Wearing shoes that are too narrow

This is another one especially relevant for women that wear formal shoes often. Many formal women’s shoes, especially high heels are far too narrow in the toe region. When your toes don’t have sufficient room, the side of your toe will begin to rub on the shoe lining and is a major cause of bunions. Many pointed men shoes have the same issue and it’s very important to always find shoes that fit properly with a good design,


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