Roofing 102: Is Central Queens Really Hurricane Proof?

As a professional roofer I always tell my clients that seasonal roofing maintenance can be the difference between spending a few hundred dollars and yes, even a few hundred thousand dollars. Residents of Flushing, Queens are generally timid when it comes to shelling out money for roof upkeep when compared to their neighbors to the south of the borough. The reason for that is simple, historically when bad weather hits the area, specifically hurricanes, the southern areas of the borough are literally used to seeing their roofing fly off. On the contrary, areas like Flushing in the central part of the county seldom see such occurrences. So as a contractor known for his “Royal” roofing treatments in Queens who appreciates his clients hard earned money, I can definitely understand this faulty reasoning. Why Faulty? First off, even mild rain and snow can penetrate your homes waterproofing materials and roofing membranes if they are not maintained. This can cause significant damage to your roof and home. Second, the Flushing area is not immune to terrifying  weather that can tear a shaky roof into shreds. Let’s not forget that on October 29, 2017 Flushing Creek overflew as a result of Hurricane Sandy’s powerful storm surge. At that point, the difference between a well kept and high quality roof and an old rusty one could be the difference in a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars. Chronic leaking of the sort we saw by Hurricane Sandy and faulty waterproofing can literally tear up your plumbing and homes infrastructure.

To make a long story short, a seasonal roof inspection and cleaning really does not cost so much when considering the long term benefits and protection involved. In fact, we would like to give the readers of this article 10% off any one of our “Royal” seasonal inspections.

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