Baseball’s All-Star Game Coming to Flushing?

The scuttlebutt is getting too hard to ignore.

While rumors have been swirling for a while that the New York Mets and Citi Field would play host to the 2013 All-Star Game, several published reports (here’s one) are now reporting it’s all but a foregone conclusion that the Midsummer Classic will be coming to Flushing.

The last time the Mets hosted an All-Star Game was way back in 1964. No Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise has gone longer without hosting a game, which means the Mets were well overdue. But really, who wanted to watch an All-Star Game in Shea Stadium? It wasn’t exactly the most photogenic of places in the professional sports world, so we can’t really blame MLB for withholding the honor from the Mets for so long. And the timing couldn’t be better, we’re sure the Wilpon’s could use a little good news right now, given their recent troubles.

We just wonder if a formal announcement will put a newfound urgency on getting the huge Willets Point makeover underway.

New York Mart Open for Business

New York Mart Open for Business

New York Mart, the supermarket that replaced the shuttered Key Food at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and Bowne Street, held its official grand opening Saturday morning, complete with lion dancers. The opening is good news for the large senior housing complex that is right next door, whose many residents relied on the Key Food for some basic essentials, as it was easily accessible by foot.

New York Mart is owned and operated by Asians and this is Flushing, so of course everybody is concerned that it won’t be welcoming to “white folks,” but we don’t think that is going to be a problem. The owners met often with local civic associations to see what the neighborhood needed and wanted, and even made good on a strange request to stock Entenmenn’s products, so if you were the one who wanted to make sure you could buy your favorite crumb cakes and chocolate chip cookies, best get there and buy them.

Standard Ballroom Dance & Waltz Class

Come learn the basics of ballroom dance and waltzing with instructor Betty Lam. Participants will learn turns, spins, swivels, change of direction and promenades. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Preregistration required at Main Floor Information Desk.

Flushing Library
Rooms A & B, Lower Level
41-17 Main Street

Mets for Sale?

Mets for Sale?

Yup, they sure are, and you can now own a little bit of Flushing’s team. Apparently – despite insisting that they weren’t completely broke because of their involvement in the Madoff scandal – the father-son duo of Fred and Jeff Wilpon just announced that they are selling off a part of the Mets to cover expenses associated with various lawsuits becsuse of their dealings with Bernie Madoff. The Wilpons insisted that they will retain a controlling majority in the team. Read more here.