Flushing resident Richard Reif says, “BOE needs new leaders.”

Dear Editor:

Despite your endorsements for city and state office seekers, many readers couldn’t vote for anyone on November 4 because they have no accessible polling place.

This is painfully true in Kew Gardens Hills, where the Board of Elections closed P.S. 164, a polling site for nearly 60 years, and replaced it with an alternate site that most voters can only reach by car or two bus lines.

The BOE deemed P.S. 164 and other polling sites inaccessible to disabled voters. There’s a simple solution: provide absentee ballots to disabled voters who can cast

their ballots at home.

But the BOE’s brain-dead decision-makers don’t have enough sense to do that. The BOE is a bottomless pit of political patronage.

Fire the hacks and install competent leaders.


Richard Reif


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