BREAKING: NICE investigating after customer video shows irate driver

The Nassau Inter-County Express bus service is investigating after a video surfaced on YouTube allegedly showing one of its drivers repeatedly saying “F*** You!” to a customer asking for a transfer.

YouTube user Zulfiqar Ali posted the video, which has so far received 1,455 views, on December 1.  @Pat_chou90 shared it on Twitter on December 4.

A media representative for the bus service said that currently, “NICE is trying to facts” about the incident.

“The video does not show what led up to this incident.  The brief clip only shows the reaction of our Operator.  However, NICE is deeply concerned about this incident.  We are currently investigating this situation and will take appropriate action, as necessary.”

The Flushing Blog has not yet been able to verify the time and location of this incident, though @Pat_chou90 said in his Tweet that it occurred in Flushing, Queens.

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