Could the new Flushing Commons Development affect small businesses in the area?

Small business owners in flushing fear that the large new Flushing Commons development in downtown Flushing could soon start hindering business by taking away crucial parking.

“As it is right now, it’s hard to park,” said Ikhwan Rim, president of the Union Street Small Business Association, which represents about 300 businesses. “Thecommons10q-2-web parking lot is the bread and butter for us. Customers know they can park here and shop,” Rim told a local newspaper.

The business owners are concerned that fewer customers, many of whom drive to the predominantly Asian business district, will frequent downtown Flushing once those precious parking spots disappear.They also fear that increased traffic in the already congested area could deter shoppers. OTHER PARKING OPTIONS IN FLUSHING.

“When the project begins, we’ll lose a lot of customers,” predicted John Hong, owner of Hanmi Real Estate. “Many of the store owners will close their businesses,” he told a local paper. AN EXPERIENCED LOCAL ACCOUNTANT can help you plan for any bumps in the road.

The first phase of the development, estimated to be completed in 2017, will create 150 condos. The second phase, estimated to be finished by 2021, will include 450 condos, a new YMCA, 1.5-acre plaza and ampitheatre and commercial space.



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