NYC DOT starts camera enforcement on Q44 SBS route

brt-flushing-jamaica-map-smMotorists driving or standing in bus lanes on the Q44 Bronx-Flushing-Jamaica Select Bus Service (SBS) during designated hours will now be fined $115, according to the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT).

For the past 60 days, the DOT has been issuing warnings to motorists based on the cameras. The corridors, according to the DOT, have signage indicating the specific hours in which the cameras will be in enforcement.

Camera enforcement already exists on:

· Bx12, along the Fordham Road SBS corridor

· M15, along the First Avenue and Second Avenue SBS corridors

· M34, along the 34th Street SBS corridor

· M60, along the 125th Street SBS corridor

· B44, along the Nostrand Avenue and Rogers Avenue SBS corridor

· S79, along the Hylan Boulevard-Richmond Avenue SBS corridor

According to state law, the City bus lanes camera program is allowed to be expanded to 16 total routes.


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