Townsend Harris students to host rally at City Hall

Student Union President Alex Chen will lead the rally.
Student Union President Alex Chen will lead the rally.

Students at Townsend Harris High School are bringing the pressure to remove Interim Acting Principal Rosemarie Jahoda right to the mayor’s doorsteps.

After months of efforts, including a rally in front of the school and multiple PTA and SLT meetings, seniors from the prestigious high school are rallying at City Hall to ask Mayor de Blasio to remove Jahoda from her position.

The DOE is currently undergoing a C-30 selection process to pick a permanent principal for the school. Jahoda is believed to be one of the candidates in consideration.

The rally will take place on Friday, February 24th at 11 a.m. Chen reminded us that he and his cohorts will be eligible to vote in the mayoral election this coming November.

“The rest of the student body will join us to show that they also stand united with us in the same cause,” Chen said in the media advisory. “I have also invited faculty members, parents and alumni.”

So far, Assemblywoman Nily Rozic is set to attend the rally.

Chen invited his fellow classmates to join him in this letter to the student body published by the high school paper, The Classic. In the letter, he says:

“Freshmen, make your first year at THHS memorable. Sophomores, mark THHS history. Juniors, inspire the underclassmen. Seniors, all of whom can now vote this November, make your voices heard as Bill de Blasio prepares to run for re-election. As Mayor of NYC, he has authority over the Department of Education, which has not been hearing our voices even though they keep saying they are. Let’s go straight to the Mayor.”

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