Legendary comic book writers to attend BoroughCon MDW 2017

Hold on tight comic book fans, because these guest will blow the spandex right off of you. BoroughCon is happy to announce a quartet of comic book writers. Mark Mckenna, Tony Beddard, Mike Grell and our Grandmaster Marv Wolfman will be attending BoroughCon at St. John’s University throughout the May 26-29th weekend!


17426164_1654828484822758_8117737348323203131_nMcKenna, a 31-year-veteran of the comic book industry, has worked on more than 550 comics including Batman, Wolverine, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Star Wars. His work can be seen in Legendary Picture Books’ Pacific Rim movie prequel as well as Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars-The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. In 2012 his work on the online web comic Star Wars: Blood of the Empire was collected into an 84-page trade paperback which served as the lynchpin for the 2012 released BioWare online video game The Old Republic. His children’s book series “Banana Tail and Friends” is a labor of love that he created when his daughter was four and recently had a newborn son.



17434537_1654829314822675_8219744039035025889_oWriter of Supergirl, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Teen Titans for DC Comics, Bedard has been a nonstop fount of creativity for more than 20 years. Known for such top-tier superhero comics as Green Lantern Corps and Exiles, he also wrote critical darlings like Great Ten, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the animated feature Turok, Son of Stone. The science-fiction epics Negation and R.E.B.E.L.S. are also to Bedard’s credit, as are Route 666, Rogue and Birds of Prey, which feature strong, young female protagonists.

17359444_1654830101489263_5908896848890168377_oSince his comics debut in 1973, Grell has brought his own creations and their worlds to life with a cinematic style of visual storytelling. Some of his more famed work includes The Warlord, Starslayer, Jon Sable, Shaman’s Tears, Bar Sinister and Maggie the Cat. These, along with successful runs on such features as Batman, Iron Man, Green Arrow, James Bond: Permission to Die, the Tarzan Sunday comic strip and the internationally acclaimed Longbow Hunters, have won him the comic industry’s coveted Inkpot Award. He’s been voted to Wizard magazine’s Top 10 list of comic writers. In 1999, he published his first novel, Sable.





And finally, Wolfman, a Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award winner, has created more characters17362416_1654830091489264_953650387140319849_n who have gone on to television, animation, movies and toys than any other comics creator since Stan Lee. He is the writer and creator of Blade, Bullseye, Deathstroke, Vigilante and many of the characters who have gone on to appear on the CW’s Arrow and Supergirl. His New Teen Titans was also adapted into two hit shows on Cartoon Network. Some of the BoroughCon’s grandmaster’s other characters have been seen in Man Of Steel, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice.



Catch this fantastic four…some May 26-29th at St. John’s University.

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