Bayside Library a finalist for citywide awards

Screen shot via Google Maps
Screen shot via Google Maps

Queens Library at Bayside is among the 10 finalists competing in this year’s NYC Neighborhood Library Awards, often called the “Oscar of Libraries.”

The top five libraries that win the honor receive a $20,000 prize, while the remaining finalists will get $10,000 apiece.

This year, 24,000 New Yorkers nominated their favorite branches and what they mean to their lives. Three Queens libraries are among the finalists.

Daniela, a lifelong customer, said her mother used to bring her siblings and her to the library multiple times a week for programs and activities.

“It not only made me realize what a love I have for literature and the arts, but helped me socialize as a why child with a diverse and king population,” she said. “Now 24 years later, I am welcomed as more than just a community members, but a family member.

Bayside Library has $13.2 million in capital needs.

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