Meng to Trump: Don’t deport military recruits


Congresswoman Grace Meng fired off a letter to President Trump this week requesting that no foreign-born person recruited into the Armed Forces should be deported.

In 2009, the Department of Defense began a new program to recruit foreign-born people to join our military. Trump is reportedly considering canceling contracts for those 1,000 recruits, leading to their deportation.

According to Meng, since the program began, more than 10,400 troops have provided medical and language assistance, including Russian, Chinese and Pashto.

“MAVNI recruits have contractually agreed to place their lives on the line to protect every American citizen,” Meng said. “I feel it is only right that we honor our contract with them, and that we allow these individuals to continue to live in America once their service has concluded. They are exactly the type of individuals who will continue to make America great.”

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