Avella to MTA: Whitestone Bridge traffic is “nightmarish”

Tony Avella

Despite efforts to alleviate heavy traffic on the Whitestone Bridge, one elected official doesn’t think it’s enough.

State Senator Tony Avella fired off a letter to the MTA last week to ask for more to be done.

The most severe traffic occurs near the intersection of 147th Street and 12th Road, on 14th Avenue and near the Whitestone Expressway and Cross Island Parkway, Avella said.

“You should know that the conditions have only become worse since construction began, particularly on weekends,” Avella said. “Most motorists are at a dead stop most of the time, while others choose to completely ignore traffic lights and “stop” signs.”

“Clearly more must be done as soon as possible to address the nightmarish traffic conditions that Queens residents are dealing with on a daily basis.”

What do you think about the traffic conditions near the Whitestone Bridge?

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