Kim meets with orphaned students from South Korea


Assemblyman Ron Kim met with a dozen orphaned middle school and high school students from South Korea in his office last week.

The students were visiting the U.S. for a Leadership Training Conference planned by Goahead Mission, a nonprofit promoting the welfare of parentless children.

The Reverend Sang-Cho Rey, president of Goahead Mission, wanted the students to meet a Korean American elected official during their trip.

“As Americans, we believe that everyone, no matter what your background is or where you came from, deserves a fair chance at success and happiness in life,” Kim said. “Almost all of the children who came to my office today grew up with parents, and yet they’ve worked their hardest to reach their full potential.”

“I am proud of them for how far they have come in life, and I know the hard work and grit they have shown will lead to even greater achievements in the years to come.”

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