Avella’s year-end scorecard for city agencies

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How did each city department do in 2017? State Senator Tony Avella, who is often critical of agencies, has posted his grades.

The pol based his scores on performance, management and responsiveness to his constituents. He made sure to point out that the grades are reflective of the leadership of each agency, not the workers.

Here are his grades for city and state agencies:

  • Department of Buildings: F
    • “DOB is still not responsive to illegal or out of character construction. Clearly, DOB does not have sufficient staff to timely respond to community complaints.”
  • Department of Transportation: D
    • Avella slammed DOT for their “bureaucratic approach to policy issues” and lack of responsiveness. Let’s not forget the ongoing Northern Boulevard bike lane battle that rolls over into 2018.
  • Department of Parks and Recreation: F
    • Where did Parks go wrong? Avella says in handling trees and sidewalks, park maintenance and capital construction. He also called for Commissioner Mitchell Silver to resign in 2017.
  • State Department of Environmental Conservation: F
    • This grade was mainly due to their handling of the Waterpointe development in Whitestone.
  • Mayor’s Office: F
    • This is an obvious one.
  • Human Resources Administration: F
  • Department of Homeless Services: F
    • “This F needs no explanation.”
  • Department of Consumer Affairs: F
    • “Totally worthless.”

Okay, so he gave the failing/poor grades out first. How about some “mediocre” grades?

  • State Department of Financial Services: B
    • Avella wants DFS to improve their timeliness.
  • NYPD: C
    • The main complaint is their handling of quality of life issues.
  • Department of Environmental Protection: C
    • Avella says he’s pleased DEP is willing to compromise on bioswales, but hasn’t provided a full opt-out that his constituents desire.
  • Department of Finance: C
  • State Department of Health: C

Which departments got the good grades?

  • FDNY: A
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: A
  • Department of Housing Preservation and Development: A
  • State Department of Agriculture and Markets: A
  • Department of Sanitation: A
  • Governor and Governor’s Office: A
    • This one makes us all think why the guv got an A.

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