Whitestone intersection gets its stop sign

All Way Stop 163 Street

After more than a decade of local advocacy, a dangerous intersection in Whitestone finally received an all-way stop sign.

The new traffic control at 163rd Street and 24th Road is a relief to Councilman Paul Vallone, who has been advocating for it since 2014.

According to Vallone, residents Cyrille Kousiaris and Salvatore Cippo circulated a petition and submitted it to DOT back in 2013.

Last December, Cippo reached out to Vallone to report a series of recent car collisions at the intersection.

Without the all-way stop, there would have been six continuous blocks along 163rd Street without a stop sign.

“In 2007, I moved to a corner house in Whitestone, and soon after I started to see accidents due to speeding on 163rd Street and poor visibility on the adjacent road,” Cippo said in a statement. “In the last 12 years, Cyrille has lost two new cars to accidents and my house was hit by a car.

“A new stop sign was installed on July 15, saving someone from injury or possible death,” he added.

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