LaGuardia Airport security officer to be Meng’s SOTU guest

32BJ at a rally in 2014. File photo.
32BJ at a rally in 2014. File photo.

Every year, members of Congress can bring a guest to the State of the Union address in Washington D.C. Often, who they choose is reflective of the elected official’s values.

For tonight’s address, Congresswoman Grace Meng has chosen to bring Abdul Quddus Chaudhry of Flushing, a security officer at LaGuardia Airport and a member of the 32BJ SEIU.

Chaudhry, 65, has worked as a private contractor for LGA for 10 years. He’s originally from Lahore, Pakistan, and came to the United States in 2010. He became an American citizen in 2014.

In Pakistan, Chaudhry earned a master’s degree in political science, a law degree and ran his own law practice.

Chaudhry was part of 32BJ’s successful effort to win an increased minimum wage of $19 for airport workers by 2023. He’s also a member of the Airport Workers Bargaining Committee.

“Bringing Abdul as my guest shines a light on the important role that our labor force plays in communities throughout Queens and across the nation,” Meng said, “and it brings attention to their fight for improving workers’ rights, including affordable health benefits and safe working conditions.”

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