Whitestone two-way streets to be converted to one-way next week

The Department of Transportation will implement one-way conversions at 17th Avenue, 17th Road, and 157th Street in Whitestone next week.

The impacted streets surround JHS 194 and Saint Luke’s School, where traffic flow and safety has been a cause of concern for the surrounding community. Here is the schedule and locations:

• 17th Avenue between 150th Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard will be converted from two-way to one-way eastbound on June 23.

• 157th Street between 16th and 17th roads will be converted from two-way to one-way southbound on June 23.

• 17th Road between 150th and 157th streets will be converted from two-way to one-way westbound on June 24.

Councilman Paul Vallone heard from community members who expressed traffic and safety concerns at the locations. He subsequently asked for a traffic study from the DOT, which then approved one-way conversions at the site to enhance safety and mobility. Community Board 7 also supported and approved the new street configurations.

“The safety of our children always comes first, and these traffic flow changes will serve to improve pick-up and drop-off conditions for our students, parents, and teachers,” said Vallone. “These traffic changes are a win for the Whitestone community members who have long requested improved street safety at this location.”

Parking will be preserved on both sides of the impacted streets. Community members parked in the area will be asked to turn their vehicles to face the new direction of traffic. For questions, residents may contact the Queens Borough Commissioner’s Office at (212) 839-2510.

“The safety of our students is our highest priority, so this street conversion to a one way is welcome news for our school community who has advocated for this change since 2016,” said Jennifer Miller, principal of JHS 194.

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