Supplemental Needs Trust & Supplemental Security Income Regulations

People who are qualified for Supplemental Security Income, otherwise called SSI, are dependent upon pay and resources limits. Beneficiaries cannot claim more than $2,000 in resources (or $3,000 in case they are married). We often get calls from SSI beneficiaries asking us how they can ensure their SSI benefits when obtaining a sizable sum of wealth, ordinarily from a legacy or an individual physical issue settlement. Assuming the beneficiary is younger than 65, a first-party supplemental necessities trust (“SNT”) might be a great choice.

The recipient can work with a unique necessities lawyer to set up the trust and name somebody, called the trustee, to hold the cash on their half. 

A trustee may even make payments for household items such as a personal care attendant or a wheelchair. By using an FPSNT, an individual no longer has to rely on family and friends and on the government programs and services that provide for their basic needs.

The creation of an FPSNT expressly reserves the right of the trustor to receive the trust’s income and principal money on his or her own behalf for his or her benefit; no other person can ever inherit from such a trust, subject to some limited exceptions.

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