Flushing Town Hall seeks donors to match pledged $35,000 gift

Last week, we received this letter from Flushing Town Hall Executive and Artistic Director Ellen Kodadek calling for donations to match a pledged $35,000 from an anonymous donor. Here is her letter:

Dear Editor:

Flushing Town Hall has been presented with a significant challenge this season, one that I hope your readers will help us meet. It’s not every day that an institutional supporter presents such an offer to us.

An anonymous donor – a supporter of the arts – recently approached us through one of our board members. The donor’s offer: if our nonprofit can raise $35,000 in new donations by February 2015, the donor will contribute another $35,000.

The donor’s hope is that this challenge will motivate others to open their wallets and hearts, thereby enabling our gem to be brighter than ever, enriching the culture of this diverse community.

This is a challenge we’re excited to take on. I invite – no, encourage – your readers to help us by visiting flushingtownhall.org/35challenge to contribute. Every dollar will help preserve the work of the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts, which has been part of the fabric of the borough for 35 years (thus the “35” in the challenge).

Each year, FCCA presents an array of high quality arts and educational programs at Flushing Town Hall with a focus on global arts for a global community. The contributions we receive this season are vital to preserve not only our operations and programs but our role in preserving our historic landmark building, dating to 1862.

We’re confident that people – from Queens and beyond – who have enjoyed Flushing Town Hall over the years will step up to the plate and pitch in.


Ellen Kodadek

Executive and Artistic Director

Flushing Town Hall

[Queens Examiner]