Cops busted for taking bribes and warning of police raids at Flushing Karaoke bars

Wikimedia Commons/Joi Ito
Wikimedia Commons/Joi Ito

There was a lot more than singing going on at several Karaoke bars in Flushing. Two police officers from the 109th Precinct have been arrested for charges of bribe-taking and more at the karaoke clubs.

Lieutenant Robert Sung, 50, and Detective Yatyu Yam, 37, might end up in prison for a 15-year sentence for taking brides from the clubs’ managers in exchange for dodging drug arrests and giving the clubs warnings that police raids were coming.

The corruption probe, orchestrated by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, has been going on at the 109th Precinct for about two-and-a-half years, after a witness noticed an exchange regarding under-the-table cash payments between Yam and the manager at Club JJNY, located at 147-38 Northern Blvd in Flushing. Yam also used the app, WeChat, to warn the manager of two Queens clubs about upcoming police raids. Furthermore, he received $2,000 a month from the manager, and even invited him to an August barbecue where the manager delivered one of the $2,000 payments.

Sung instructed an unnamed officer to ignore a deputy inspector’s demand for raids at the clubs, including JJNY. He also told an officer to warn the clubs ahead of state police raids.

Yam was arraigned for second-degree bribe receiving and second-degree receiving rewards for official misconduct on Monday night. He was freed on a $25,000 bail and was suspended by the NYPD. Sung surrendered on Tuesday, with his bail set at $20,000 bond or $10,000 cash.