Offensive slur discovered in Flushing sidewalk

image002 image004Anti-Asian vandalism was found scrawled outside a Flushing residential building over the weekend. The offensive phrased was found scrawled in wet cement in front of Cherry Manor Condos at 141-18 Cherry Avenue in Flushing.

Councilman Peter Koo’s office was made aware of the hateful vandalism after photos were posted on Facebook. His office contacted the DOT, which dispatched a crew Tuesday morning to buff the phrase out of the sidewalk.

“We embrace our diversity here in Flushing as a strength that should be celebrated and nurtured, and we will stand vigilant against racism in all forms,” said Koo in a statement. “I would like to thank the many vigilant community members who spoke up and contacted my office when they learned of this vandalism, and I strongly encourage everyone in our community to speak out to proper authorities when confronted with hate speech of any kind.”

The 109th Precinct is investigating the incident.

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