Snowdays on Prince Street opens its doors

This week saw the hottest day of the year, which brought a reminder that summer is not over yet in New York City.HZMY_Snowadays

Everyone’s looking for another way to cool their internal temperature, and in Flushing there’s a whole new way to do that with shaved cream at Snowadays, which opened its doors last week.

Made from locally sourced ingredients and natural organic 1 percent milk from the Hudson Valley, Dewan Tarek and his business partner Tony Quach are bringing the new frozen desert that is reminiscent of the fluffiness of snow with a taste like ice cream.

“Really, it’s on its own in terms of frozen desert,” Tarek said.

Tarek explained that the cream is frozen and after you choose your flavor, they start shaving the block and then you can then add your toppings in a totally customizable experience.

“Everything is made to order,” he said. “We’ll take the block right out in front of you from the freezer.”

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